Lions club of Gothatuwa New Century leo was inaugurated by Lions club of Gothatuwa New Town in the year 2017 under the extension chairman Lion Kusum Sandanayaka during the leadership of District Governor Lion Rupa Dheerasinghe. 

Lions Club of Gothatuwa New Century Leo consists mostly of past Leos and a handful of Leo Past District presidents from District 306C1. We are proud to be the first Leo Lions club inaugurated in the Lions District 306C1. 
Our membership consists of a majority of young professionals working in diverse fields such as banking, engineering, corporate sector etc which brings much value addition to the club. So far our club has produced three presidents and presently the fourth president is Lion Sagara Gunawardana. 

We as a young club our aim is to organize sustainable and unique projects which will provide long term benefits for the intended recipients. An example is the donation of a water purification plant to a rural school of 300 students. 

Our Team

Lion Sameera Amarathunga MJF MAF
President 2023/24
Late Lion Amila Perera
1st Vice President 2023/24

Past Presidents

Lion Sanuri Gurusinghe MAF
President 2022/23
Lion Savini Gurusinghe MAF
President 2021/22
Lion Sagara Gunawardana MAF
President 2020/21
Lion Sudheera Bandara
President 2019/20
Lion Dhanushka Sandanayaka MAF
Charter President 2018