🌿 Objective: Our aim was to fabricate a plastic bottle collection bin and place it on the premises of the University of Colombo for recycling purposes, marking a significant step in our environmental service initiatives.

🔹 Joint Effort: This endeavor was conducted in collaboration with our Lions Club and Leo Club of University of Colombo, reflecting the power of teamwork in driving positive change.

Project Handover Highlights: We were honored to have esteemed guests join us for the project handover ceremony, including Lion Indika Gomes, the District Chairman for Environment Projects; Prof. H M Nihal Hennayake, the Dean of Faculty of Management and Finance; Lion Manoj Gallage, the District GST Coordinator and Leo Thimira Uyanhewage, the Leo District President. Many other officials from both the Lions Club and Leo Club were present.Together, let’s continue making a difference for a cleaner, greener future! 🌟

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